Athletic Conditioning on the Tower Trainer

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Produktinformationen "Athletic Conditioning on the Tower Trainer"

111 Min. DVD,
Das Training mit dem Tower Trainer verschont keine Muskelpartien.

'Bring your athletic performance to new heights with the Tower TrainerTM! Experience how the Tower Trainer can be used to enhance your athletic performance! Perfect for the elite athlete or fitness enthusiast, the exercises clearly outlined on this DVD combine strength and flexibility with the added challenge of balance through all planes of movement. Merrithew Health & Fitness has developed scores of exercises to show you how to maximize your workout and your results with their Tower Trainer DVD programming options.
Benötigtes Equipment: Tower Trainer
Geeignet für Mittelstufe
Required Equipment: Tower Trainer
Difficulty level: 3

Geeignet für: Ausdauertraining, Cross- & Krafttraining
Spielzeit: 111 Min.
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